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The Briggs Family, are 2nd generation musicians, so their experience began at an early age.  Opening for big name bands such as Lori Morgan, the Dixie Chicks, Collin Ray, and Alabama was a huge learning experience for the Briggs Band. 

Career highlights include Nashville, TN’s largest annual music event, FanFair, as well as recording in the studio with Bass Player, Teddy Gentry of Alabama. 

Becoming a musician at the early age of... well, before birth, Ransom was exposed to rhythm while his nine month pregnant mother played drums in his father’s Jacksonville-based rock-n-roll band - The Bonnie Gringo Band. Tim Briggs, Ransom's Father, went on to play with the legendary country group ALABAMA for 10 years.


Ransom and his brother James Briggs went on to form the band HIT-N-RUN in Jacksonville/Daytona, which later opened for bands such as Bad Company, Cheap Trick, Eddie Money, Starship, Blackfoot, ZZ Top, and Atlanta Rhythm Section... to name a few! 


Joining her brothers on the stage, the youngest Briggs sibling to finally follow in their footsteps, Samantha Briggs brought pizzazz with her dancing and laughter.  Adding 3rd part harmony to the vocals and playing her guitar made the music complete.


Now living in California and recording his new songs, Ransom Briggs has finally stepped out on his own to release his new music.


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"Born to rock, live to roll, play 'till death do I part..."




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